It is the most natural desire in the world to want to pass on your hard-earned wealth to your family. Trusts have been used to do this for over 700 years. But before that becomes a reality, various tax and other authorities will be eyeing up your estate.

Trusts are set up during your life time and assets can be transferred into Trust for your beneficiaries on your death. This allows you to retain control over and access to Trust assets. Putting assets into Trust allows you to protect your wealth from a number of threats and ‘what-if’s’.

We are specialists in Trusts and estate planning. Above all, we aim to provide advice in plain English and make the process of helping you to protect your wealth for your loved ones as easy, convenient and affordable as possible.

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Client Testimonial

“He made it extra clear about how important it is to write a Will and Trust, and about LPA’s. There was no ‘legalese’, he explained everything in plain English that was easy to understand. They did exactly as promised, in a reasonable timeframe, for reasonable fees. I cant recommend Legacy Wills highly enough”

Gary Viner

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Learning how to protect your assets can feel like an overwhelming topic. Our FREE Estate Planning Guide will help you to understand the process and how to get started.

Estate Planning Guide

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