Asset Protection: Protects you and your family

Secure your family’s future now by unlocking the secrets of asset protection. Don’t just work hard—work smart, safeguarding your hard-earned assets from unforeseen circumstances.

Discover peace of mind through our strategic planning, ensuring your wealth remains intact for generations to come. Dive into proven methods with our expert insights, making robust asset protection accessible. Because you’ve built more than a fortune—it’s a legacy. Act now, and fortify your family’s tomorrow today because the best defense is a proactive plan. Secure, Protect, Preserve.

The Asset Protection Strategy protects you, your partner and your family by including:

  • Your Wills – to make sure those you care most about will inherit your hard earned assets
  • Family Trusts to hold & protect your property and assets when you pass away
  • Trusts to receive & protect your life assurance, pension & death-in-service benefits when you pass away
  • Powers of Attorney to ensure you have appointed who you would wish to make decisions on your behalf when you are no longer able to
  • Secure professional storage of all relevant documentation

In the process, you will appoint Executors & Trustees as well as legal Guardians for your children under 18. Your Trustees will manage your Trusts for your beneficiaries after you have gone, and your Executors duties include help with Probate and Estate Administration.

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Client Testimonial

The whole process was painless from start to finish and John delivered on all his promises. Putting all these things in place has enabled us to sleep easier at night knowing our assets are protected. We hope to continue using John’s services for years to come and I highly recommend his expertise to anyone seeking estate planning services.

Alex Shakallis

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