What our clients' say about Legacy Wills

Don’t just take our word about how good our services are! Hear from our satisfied clients. Discover how we’ve safeguarded their legacies and secured their families’ futures. Read our testimonials to gain insight into the trusted expertise and personalised service we provide.

Let their success stories inspire your own estate planning journey. Explore real-life experiences and see why we’re the preferred choice for protecting assets and families.

Tara, Property Investor & Developer, Brighton

“I met John at a Brighton PIN meeting many moons ago. I knew I need to get my will sorted but didn’t really know where to turn or what to include. Cue John.

It is so important to get your assets protected and what a truly delightful experience this was with John.

John explained why writing a will and trust was important (especially as I am a single mum with 2 children and a thriving property business) and did so in language and a manner that was easy to understand.

John was a breath of fresh air and was informative, communicative, and made the process very easy. He ran through lots of scenarios and gave me invaluable information. Plus, his fees were very reasonable for what I received.

I now feel my hard-earned assets are well protected and know that I can amend if my circumstances change. I would highly recommend.”

Malcolm White

“John and the team did a great job sorting out our wills and Power of Attorney etc. John was very helpful and patient! We would recommend his services and a discussion!”

Sophie Fekete

“I couldn’t have asked for a better service than the one I have received from Legacy-Wills. Their expertise and professionalism in handling my estate planning needs were outstanding.

John demonstrated a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in will preparation and estate management. He took the time to patiently guide us through the entire process, ensuring that every detail was addressed with precision and clarity. His commitment to excellence was evident at every stage, from his responsiveness addressing my concerns promptly, to providing a personalized experience which made the entire process smooth and stress-free. I highly recommend Legacy Wills for their excellent service in crafting a comprehensive and tailored estate plan.”

Dan Norman

“Having seen John of Legacy Wills present at a property event, it was clear he had both the breadth of knowledge and experience and also the ability to make a very dry subject both understandable and engaging. That’s a tough call when talking about Wills, Trusts and death…

 John produced Wills and POA’s for myself and my wife in a timely, effective and reasonable manner. I have subsequently recommended him to numerous colleagues and friends to cut out the jargon and challenges surrounding this critical protection, which is too often deferred or neglected.”

Tom Jeffes

“John from Legacy Wills has been absolutely first class. Wills and trusts are a subject that is extremely important but I didn’t know the best way to go about everything to secure my assets for the future. John walked my wife and I through the whole process and we couldn’t be happier now that we have everything in place. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who like us, would like the peace of mind of everything being sorted should something unexpected happen.”

Sarah Lloyd

“John has been absolutely amazing when it came to planning my Will and Estate as I was unsure what I needed in place and how best to approach it.

Being in property was an added complication for me and having someone as knowledgeable as John made the process so much easier.

Very quickly and easily I had everything in place should I ever need.

I would absolutely recommend John to anyone who is considering putting a Will, LPA or Trust in place (even if you don’t know which ones you need!!).”

Pat Langmaid

“I recently used the services of Legacy Will Company in September 2023 to update my will and establish a trust. The primary objective was to safeguard my assets and properties, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with how smoothly the whole process went.

From the get-go, my first impressions of the company were overwhelmingly positive. What really stood out was the service provided by John Ireland. John was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, guiding me through the complex process with ease. I already had lasting powers of attorney in place; otherwise, I would have gladly included that service as well.

The company not only met but exceeded my expectations, providing swift and hassle-free service. I was particularly impressed with how John Ireland handled everything, ensuring that my children were set up as trustees in the most secure and straightforward manner.

I would rate my overall experience with Legacy Will Company a solid 10 out of 10 and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services to anyone in need of asset protection or will updating. A big thank you to John Ireland for his exceptional guidance throughout the process.”

Vicky Chittock

“Before working with John, we had a will in place however, were aware that it was out of date and inadequate for our growing property portfolio, especially given that we had been investing in property and knew that we needed to update our wills and estate to reflect this.  We really needed to protect our assets for our children and in the event that anything would happen to either of us.  

Thanks to John’s professional and articulate service, we now have a robust will, trust, Lasting Powers of Eternity and life insurance in place which will ensure that our wealth transfers on to our children as we would always wish.

John’s service was very supportive and he helped us to navigate through the various legal aspects and ensured that the paperwork was completed accurately in a timely manner.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend John to anyone who has an estate they would wish to protect for their family.”

Mike Douglas

“I have been in financial services for many years and always strongly advise clients to ensure they get Insurance and Estate Planning completed before ‘it’s needed’!

Last year we took my own advise and spoke to John regarding Lasting powers of attorney, Wills and Trusts. 
The process was thorough, efficient and after many years I moved the planning from my annual ‘to-do’ list to completed.I have since recommended friends and clients to John who provided them with the same, service and value.”

Isusko Garcia

“We are very happy with the service provided by John and the Legacy Wills team for the thorough workmanship securing the our families future.”

Claire Wesson

“John was very approachable and answered all of the queries we had with honesty, passion and measurement. He fully explained why having a Will & trust was so important but in a way that was easy to understand. John was always at the end of the phone and always helped out when I had a query. 

The work carried out was thorough and to a high standard. 

 We are really pleased we chose John to help protect our assets!”

Lisa Oliver

“I was aware of the importance of having a Will but it was always something on my ‘to do’ list that never got done. Thankfully that changed when I met John Ireland and engaged his services, Legacy Wills. John took the time to understand our situation and ensure our family would be properly protected.

He clearly explained the process and then took care of everything, including the Lasting Power of Attorneys (something I’m sure we wouldn’t have done had I organised this myself).

Everything was sorted out in a reasonable time frame and my husband and I have peace of mind in the knowledge that we have protected our assets. I have been very happy with the service provided and have no hesitation in recommending John.”

Peter Fannon

“When we decided to update our wills John was the ideal person to steer us through the maze. John clearly explained the importance of correctly written Wills and Trusts, John was brilliant at answering our many questions and steering us in in the best way.

It was a pleasure dealing with John, he always contacted us as and when he said and the documents were delivered as promised. We looked on this as small investment in our kids future, knowing now that when the time comes the legacy we are able to leave them will ensure their financial security.

What more can parents do and we are ever grateful to John for the part he played. Highly commend John for his knowledge, experience and the person he is.”

Junko Steptoe

“I met John at one of the property investors meetings a few years ago. I was interested in having my Will and Trust done and looking for a professional person who I could trust. After having seen John’s presentation I spoke to him about a Will and Trust more in details. He explained why writing a Will and Trust was so important also explained LPAs and how important they were in plain English cutting through all the “legalese”. John arranged my Will, Trust and LPAs all together in a reasonable time frame.

I think his fees were reasonable for the work carried out. As promised John contacts me at least once a year to see if there is any change in my circumstances which is a very good follow up service and I appreciate it. I’m very pleased to have met John and with his help my assets are now protected.”

Neil Patey-Smith

“After speaking to John at Legacy I felt much more comfortable setting up my will and trust. He let me know why it is so important to have these documents set up as early as possible and explained it to me in plain English without all the legal jargon.

The process was made easy as John did what he said he would do in the time frame he said he would do it. I’m happy I have now managed to protect my assets for a very reasonable fee. I would be very happy to recommend Legacy to all my friends and family.”


Gary Viner

“Legacy Wills did an excellent job of explaining these. He made it extra clear about how important it is to write a Will and Trust, and about LPA’s. There was no ‘legalese’, he explained everything in plain English that was easy to understand.

They did exactly as promised, in a reasonable timeframe, for reasonable fees.

Overall, I’m very pleased that I’m able to protect my assets with you and cant recommend Legacy Wills highly enough.”


Caroline Langford

“We had LPA’s in place for my Mum as we felt they were really really important and I got a peace of mind getting my own done as it was always something that was at the back of my mind.

I have now done the LPA’s which has given me a sense of calm knowing that I’ve got it sorted. I havealready mentioned your services to a couple of friends!


Steve Barker-Hall

“I didn’t really know what was needed until we sat down and then, after we met I realised that the Wills we had in place were not adequate and that I needed to get something better in place and that everything you said made sense.

We knew that Lasting Powers of Attorney were very important to have in place. Everything worked really well and all of our questions were answered. We are happy to recommend your services and we have done so already to a number of people and to a whole room full of people at a Property Investors Network (pin) meeting.


Andy Doyle

I was very happy with the service you provided and you explained things clearly in an area that I was unfamiliar with and you managed to get across the principles in an easy to understand way. Much appreciated.”


Jane and Tim, Mansfield

“Working with John and Legacy Wills is very easy and straightforward. No one likes thinking of the subject of their passing or the possibility of future personal incapacity with your health or wealth.  

John helps you through not only the discovery process and consequences of inaction but sets out a simple formal plan of action to reach the end goal. 

The majority of the work is completed by John and his team, leaving you only really to think about whats important to you and your family.

John has enormous patience and persistence but in an easy manner, helping you get to the end game of protecting you and your loved ones for the future.

Highly recommended!


Michael Gregory

“We saw John speak at a property networking meeting a few years ago and were so shocked by the implications of not having a will, that we contacted him immediately after the meeting to discuss putting ours in place.  

John spent some time with us taking us through the process and understanding our needs, but as with these things we ended up putting it off for a few months.  Sadly, not long afterwards my wife lost one of her parents and the implications of them not having a will were felt first-hand.

We contacted John again to complete the process, which he did with great sensitivity whilst also making sure we followed it through to the end with the right level of encouragement!  We now have peace of mind knowing that our wills, power of attorneys and trusts are in place for when they are needed! 

We highly recommend using John’s services to get these invaluable things in place as his knowledge is second to none and he’s a genuinely nice bloke!’”


Alex Shakallis

“I first engaged John via a referral from a close friend who was very happy with the support provided in setting up several wills, trusts and LPA’s. I found John to be knowledgeable, engaging and a real expert in his field. 

During our first meeting he took the time to discuss the importance of wills and trusts, including cutting through the jargon to explain everything in simple to understand terms. John also set up several LPA’s for my wife and me. 

The whole process was painless from start to finish and John delivered on all his promises. Putting all these things in place has enabled us to sleep easier at night knowing our assets are protected. 

We hope to continue using John’s services for years to come and I highly recommend his expertise to anyone seeking estate planning services”