Secure Document Storage

The National Will Safe

Legacy works alongside the National Will Safe to store our clients Wills and other documentation of consequence.

The Storage facility

The original documents are stored in:

  • Waterproof wallets
  • Scanned and file in pdf form
  • Specialist document archives
  • Climate controlled rooms

The facility uses:

  • Specialised fire detection systems (Designed to detect the defuse the fire before it starts)
  • CCTV inside and out
    Specialised 24hr Security
    Confidentiality agreements for staff.

Client services

  • The documents can be return within 48-72 hrs free of charge
  • Scanned copies are sent to the client, (if requested)
  • Documents are recorded on the National Wills register
  • The documents can either be returned to your financial advisor, the client or your Executor.
  • A card with document details and storage number is give to the client, for themselves or the Executors.

John took the time to understand our situation and ensure our family would be properly protected. He clearly explained the process and then took care of everything. I have been very happy with the service provided and have no hesitation in recommending John.

Lisa Oliver

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